212 Heroes (HER) – Carolina Herrera

212 Heroes (HER) – Carolina Herrera

Creative Director
Mariana Martín

Graphic production direction
Nexe Impressions

Carolina Herrera

212 Heroes (Her) – Carolina Herrera

212 Heroes (Her) – Carolina Herrera 

Carolina Herrera (Grup Puig) launched its perfume for a female audience that loves freedom and modernity, the CH212 Her. To spread the product and its story among specialised journalists and influencers around the world, they commissioned the Barcelona-based graphic studio, Apartamento Studios, to come up with the most suitable graphic concept.

The team of Apartemento Studios, led by Mariana Martín, created a macro-packaging as a container box where several elements can be found: a skateboard, a fanzine-book, postcards, stickers and of course the perfume bottle.

A technical challenge in every sense of the word, involving the work of more than six specialised suppliers that Nexe Impressions has selected, advised, coordinated and supervised, to achieve a complex product and a spectacular result that we invite you to appreciate in the images.

Once again, the constant dialogue and work between the team at Apartamento Studios (creative studio) and Nexe Impressions (experts in graphic production) has borne fruit in the form of an impact press kit that has delighted the end client and its target audience, another challenge in which we have enjoyed ourselves like children with their new toy!



Compact grey 2-sided
Outer and inner lining Geltex Blanco Nieve of 111 g.
Pool with white Compacto on one side
Folding pool liner of 250 g.
Lining printed in 2 + 0 with Pantone inks


Format: 25,3 x 32,8 cm
Inside pages: 112 to 4 + 4 led uv on Paper Magno Gloss 150 g.
Covers: Geltex Blanco nieve of 115 g. printed in 4 + 0 wityh silk acrylic
Headbands: 4 + 4 Led UV on Paper Magno Gloss of150g.
Adhesive matt 170g printed on 4 + 0 and acrylic varnish
Binding: 2,5 mm hard cover, flat spine, with pink headbands and pink KURZ stamping
Finishing: bas-relief on the front cover 13,5 x 17 cm


500 eco-friendly sheets open
Format: 10,00 x 15,00 cm
Backing: Recycled of 250 gr/m2
Printed on 1 side
Colour: CMYK


600 stickers
Format: 45 x 30 cm
Backing: Super Glossy High Grip Adhesive of 180 gr/m2 Printed on 1 side in CMYK
Lamination: Glossy 23µ on one side
Die-cutting: HD crease cut Half die-cut with 30 shapes

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