Lídia Masllorens

Rostres | Faces

Lídia Masllorens work experiments with close-ups of faces from a prudent abstraction that allows the viewer to capture the message, but at the same time gives the possibility to imagine hidden realities and to reinterpret the piece.


Rostres | Faces collects the work of about five years in the workshop and at home, experimenting with the mouths, eyes, hair and their intentions, their feelings or a new world that arises in the mind of the viewer in the reading of each of the brushstrokes.


The book has been printed with UV LED technology on a hard cover with Swiss binding, leaving the thread visible. The cover lining has a printed and the rear endpaper has been completely glued on the back cover.


Inner format
24 x 34 cm



2 mm hardcover with Arena Natural Rough of 120 g. lining (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 0 and matt anti-scratch on one side


Arena Natural Rough of 140 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in 4 + 4


Pop’Set Negre of 170 g. (Antalis)


2 mm hardcover with swiss binding and fully glued back cover endpapers


Anti-scratch matt on one side

Artist books
Swiss binding, UV-LED