Digital die-cutting, cutting and creasing


The digital die allows you to apply shapes to the jobs to make them more original. Thus, it is possible to confer forms, both exterior and interior, to advertising and corporate elements, structures, etc.

It is a robotic cutting system using blades that is capable of performing any die-cutting job on a variety of substrates – paper, rigid or flexible – as long as they have a maximum thickness of 10 mm for large-format cutting jobs, and 1 mm of cutting and creasing for the rest.

This finish can be combined with others such as digital printing or selective 2D and 3D varnishing, to achieve surprising works.

ejemplo03 (1)


The final artwork is delivered in pdf format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and at actual size. The pdf must contain a page with the graphic design, and another page with the cut and crease area of the box differentiating them with two flat colors.

For an optimal creasing result, it is necessary to leave a perimeter bleeding of at least 3 mm. In the case of die lines, it is also recommended, as far as possible.

Remember to avoid placing important design elements such as text or images in the cut and crease areas to obtain an optimal work result.

In the case of packaging, if it is required that the graphic is only printed on the visible parts – printing on the inner flaps or tabs will not be included – it is necessary to leave a perimeter bleed of at least 3mm. Otherwise, when the box is folded, the unprinted area may be visible.



This technique is widely used since it can be applied to an infinite number of elements such as the components of the corporate visual identity such as business cards, folders, calendars, labels, packaging, etc.

At the advertising level, it is used to generate a greater visual impact on posters, tickets, creative brochures, displays, advertising stoppers, stickers, etc. It is a very influential resource in the results of marketing campaigns.

It is also possible to apply it in POS structures and large format in general, both for decoration and advertising.

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