Apartamento Publishing

All The Things I Know – Zebadiah Keneally

All the Things I Know is the first graphic novel by New York-based artist Zebadiah Keneally, who devoted twelve years to it. Through the use of metaphor, humour and symbolism in his intricate vignettes, the author seeks to stimulate our ability for connection, reflection, compassion and understanding.


The book, published by Apartamento Publishing, has a radical and fantastical storyline. We at Nexe Impressions have worked to find the best way to translate this character of the book’s plot into the volume itself. An interesting challenge in terms of printing.


The effect is achieved through the striking aesthetics of the cover: made of pink PVC with transparency, printed in one ink with silk-screen printing and with two flaps welded with woven stitching.



19 x 24 cm



416-page book plus covers with PVC sleeve with two welded flaps



Inside and covers: conventional 1/1 offset black

Cover: 1-colour silkscreen printing


Paper and materials

Covers: 170 g Ivory Rough Sand

Inside: 100 g Ivory Rough Sand

Sleeve: 0.3 mc PVC “orange peel”.



Stitched paperback



Welded flaps with woven stitching

Flaps, Paperback binding, Silkscreen, Solapes