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Centre Wallonie Bruxelles / Paris

The Centre Wallonie Bruxelles/Paris is a reference point for the Belgian and Parisian contemporary art ecosystem. With an innovative and interdisciplinary program, the Centre seeks to disseminate and highlight the works of emerging and established artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

In 2023, the Fiminco Foundation hosts the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles/Paris to present the Symbiosium project. This collective exhibition focuses on symbiosis, interactions between organisms, and the emergence of new narratives about our times. With a complementary program of performances, conferences, film screenings, workshops, and guided tours, the exhibition is conceived as a living and experimental territory. The project’s aim is to promote a vision of the world as a place of collective creation among all communities of living beings.

Nexe Impressions collaborates on the production and printing of the exhibition catalogue, designed by Aurélien Farina (Paper! Tiger! Studio). The main visual feature of the book is its light-shadow duality, dividing the volume into two halves. The two parts are printed on Sirio Black and Creator Star papers from Fedrigoni Paper, respectively. The first support, matte and black, contrasts with the second support, coated and luminous. The cover and the first half of the interior are printed with one silver ink, offering a metallic shine effect on the texts. The luminous half of the catalogue is printed in four colors. In this part, the photographic material of the collection of the exhibition’s works is presented, with photographs that have been worked on precisely to achieve the highest fidelity to the original.



22 x 32 cm



Cover: Sirio Black 290 g from Fedrigoni Paper

Interior 128 pages: Sirio Black 115 g and Creator Star 135 g from Fedrigoni Paper



Cover: 1+1

Interior: 4+4 on Creator Star and 1+1 in silver on Sirio Black



Sewn softcover

Paperback binding