Manuel Mérida

Cinquième Couleur

Nathalie Guiot, director of the Cinquième Couleur print shop in Paris, invited us to work on this challenge of the artist Manuel Mérida, in the context of an exhibition organised by the Espace Meyer Zafra in Paris.


In his works, Manuel Mérida experiments with organic materials, and his inspiration is motivated by the succession of constructions and deconstructions that time gives us.


The singularity of the project is the cover. The artist has worked the colour pigments in a specific dosage, which has been deposited on the cover, reminding us of a fluid, a kind of “vision from the fishbowl”. The teamwork of the technical office of Nexe Impressions and the Artmoon workshop has achieved the objective.


A challenge in which we have suffered and enjoyed in equal parts, but as always when the result is successful, it has been worth it.


We always enjoy exploring the limits of our craft, trying to go beyond what is conventional, to produce unique and original pieces and thus help our clients and collaborators to achieve the objectives of such special projects.


Direction of graphic production

Cinquième Couleur


Printing and binding
Nexe Impressions / Artmoon



Book 180 pages + flyleaves + cover with overlays



280 x 340 mm



Inside: HP INDIGO 4/4 inks on 170 gsm extra FSC top offset

Cover: Printed in one colour, with 20 cm diameter die-cutting



Inside: 170 gsm extra FSC top offset.

Flyleaves: 140g Popago Intense Offset (yellow, orange and blue with matching pigments)

Cover with 6 layers



2.5 mm printed hardcover with ivory white cardboard without cups and flat spine.



Hot stamping on the cover with the artist’s name (3 different colours).

Pigment handling: the pigment supplied by the artist is applied in individual doses directly onto the cut-out circle.



Individual boxes in recycled microflute cardboard made to measure and personalised with the same colours as the pigments.

If you want to know all the details of the project, visit our blog!

Artist books
Encuny, Guardes, Hardcover binding, HP Indigo, Stamping