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Chinese Shadows

Jeu de Paume

In 2024, the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic exchange relationship between France and China is celebrated, which is why the Jeu de Paume art center recalls its beginnings with the exhibition Chinese Shadows.


From the recovery of two photographic collections from the French diplomatic archives emerges Chinese Shadows, an exhibition book by two photographers that transports you to pivotal moments of 20th-century China. With the meticulous work of Hélène Hoppenot and André Travert, two subtly different perspectives, this work reveals a transforming China and an evolving society between the decades of the 1930s and 1970s.


The exhibition album is printed on Arena and Symbol Tatami papers from Fedrigoni Papers. Thanks to the combination of four-color process with a Pantone and acrylic varnish, a more precise and vibrant reproduction of the photographic material is achieved. The staple binding is solid and enduring, and with rounded corners, an original touch is obtained.



22 x 31 cm



Covers: Arena White Rough 300 g from Fedrigoni Papers

Interior: Symbol Tatami White 115 g from Fedrigoni Papers



Covers: 5/5 CMYK + Pantone + Acrylic Varnish

Interior: 5/5 CMYK + Pantone



Staple binding



Front rounded corners die-cut

Saddle stitching, Tintes PANTONE