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Apartamento Publishing

Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking

Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking is the first cookbook dedicated to the renowned restaurant in Copenhagen, featuring eighty-six recipes from owner Frederik Bille Brahe, who grants exclusive access to Atelier September‘s most iconic dishes.


Apartamento and the owner of Atelier September had previously collaborated on their bestselling first book, All the Stuff We Cooked. This time, the publication includes an introduction and poetic interludes written by Frederik himself, discussing culinary inspirations and the early days of the restaurant.


Edited by Jeni Porter and featuring photographs by Rasmus Weng Karlsen, Atelier September is a kind of return to home, both for the familiar flavors that evoke memories and for the beautiful objects and lifelong friends gathered around a table.


The book is a unique object, a project that cares for every detail. The hardcover with a special appeal due to the vibrancy of color, with the addition of Pantone ink and white ink, and the characteristic texture of embossed PP. It also features a reading ribbon that harmonizes with the rest of the printing finishes.



21.5 x 29.7 cm



Cover: Semi-matte Coated 150 g

Interior 256 pages: Magno Volume 135 g

Endpapers: Sirio Color 140 g from Fedrigoni Paper



Cover: 6+0 + Pantone + White + Embossed PP

Interior: 4+4 CMYK

Endpapers: 1+1 Black



Sewn hardcover, 2.5 mm cardboard, straight spine with blue reading ribbon



Lining with colorful white kurz stamping (10% cover, 5% back cover, and 40% spine) and colorful black kurz stamping 30% cover

Hardcover binding, Stamping, Tintes PANTONE