Silver ink


An ink for a premium finish


The colour silver is directly associated with elegance, sophistication and luxury, but also with modernity, technology and innovation; with the universe and the futuristic trend, with speed, precision and quality.

To add value to a design and provide a premium touch, it is possible to include the metallic silver ink directly, or, in combination with the CMYK inks, to metallize the colors.


The metallic effect of the silver ink, either alone or combined with another shade, reinforces the connotations of this colour. The wide range of colors to be metallized is suitable for the most creative needs when you need to communicate a message, in a more exclusive way.



The silver ink is valid for any sheet printing up to 31×44 cm. For an optimal result, it is recommended to apply it on stuccoed paper. It is recommended to protect the piece by laminating it with gloss or matt finish.

In the final artwork, it is necessary to mark the area to be printed with silver ink in a separate layer to that of the design using a flat ink named “Silver”, with the option of overprinting.

This ink can be combined with other finishes such as digital varnish to enhance selective parts of the design.


Printing with metallic silver ink is ideal for applying to designs aimed at a premium audience, which will be willing to pay more for that design associated with luxury.

Thanks to the possibility of metallising any colour, it also has wider and more creative applications such as advertising material, business cards, invitations, book covers, magazine covers, etc.

This ink is used for work related to technology, the world of fashion, the automotive industry, cosmetics and perfumes, branding, communication, etc.

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