UV security ink


Use it as security ink for your documents or as part of your creativity


Ultraviolet ink is invisible to the eye, it can only be seen with the incidence of UV light, which makes it a security tool to validate the authenticity of documents against possible falsifications.

It can also be creatively integrated into a design for dark places or nightlife. Its ultraviolet colour and the surprising effect it produces make it an ideal advertising element.

The ultraviolet ink used in document printing (HP Indigo ElectroInk UV Red), when it receives ultraviolet light, will show the printed parts in a bright, reddish phosphorescent tone.


This variant of security ink is the most widely used in digital printing. However, this ink is also available in fluorescent yellow for roll labels.


In the final artwork, it is necessary to mark the area to be printed with UV ink in a layer independent of the design using a flat ink named “Pink”, with the option of overprinting.

It is recommended that colour gradients be avoided in areas where UV ink is to be applied and a dark-coloured mass is present for optimum results.


This type of reactive ink is also known as transparent or invisible ink as with normal light it is almost imperceptible, and only when exposed under the light of an ultraviolet (UV) lamp will it show the printed parts in a bright phosphorescent tone and reddish colour. It is possible to apply it to any support, but the best result is on porous paper.

It is very useful for security documents, tickets, passes, ID cards, etc. UV reactive inks are also used to highlight certain unique properties to enable identification, tracking purposes and proof of ownership in the event of loss or theft.

Likewise, its creative application is mainly aimed at advertising related to nightlife: flyers, tickets, posters…


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