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Crosswalk. Pat Andrea

Dutch artist Pat Andrea presents at the Strouk Art Gallery in Paris the exhibition “Crosswalk”, where in addition to showcasing his works, he invites two artists, Szymon Pasieka and Nazanin Pouyandeh, with whom he shares his artistic obsessions: sex, violence, and death.


Pat Andrea, a unique figure in the history of avant-gardists, delves into painting without concern for historical conventions, nor for rupture or progress. His work explores pictorial authenticity, focusing his themes on intimacy: his “battle of the sexes”, love, and tragedy. Through a subjective realism, he finds beauty in the trivial, merging personal memories with universal myths, navigating between the real and the unreal, and creating scenarios where human life perpetually restarts.


Strouk Editions commissions Nexe‘s technical office with the printing of the exhibition catalog. A catalog that showcases the exhibition paintings on paper, with extraordinary fidelity to the original work.


An important factor in achieving this fidelity is the choice of Stucco Old Mill paper from Fedrigoni Papers. The special treatment “Stucco” offers the sharp and bright printing result of coated paper, while preserving the appeal of offset papers. The book is bound with Singer sewing with blue thread and finished with rounded corners.



24 x 32 cm



Cover: Stucco Old Mill 210 g by Fedrigoni Paper

Interior 40 pages: Stucco Old Mill 150 g by Fedrigoni Paper






Singer sewing



Rounded corners

Artist books, Catalog
Singer stitching binding