Museu d’Art de Girona

Enric Ansesa. Fets/Facts · Camins · Persistències · Senyals

The creative studio AEIOU and the Museu d’Art de Girona have entrusted us with this magnificent project. A book that includes the works of the Girona painter Enric Ansesa and that will accompany, in the coming months, four exhibitions in Girona.

The artist’s exhibition, divided between four different locations, can be visited at:

    Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani
    From November 20, 2020 to January 31, 2021
    Museu d’Art de Girona
    From December 5, 2020 to April 5, 2021
    Casa de Cultura de la Diputació de Girona
    From December 17, 2020 to February 20, 2021
    Museu d’Història de Girona
    From January 25 to March 8, 2021

In order to give it a unique character, the book has been bound in Swiss binding with open stitching and black ink spine.

The cover is intended to be a preamble to the artist’s style and the cover is completely printed in black ink with gold details, to protect and contrast we have finished it with laminated scratch-resistant and 3D screen printing UV. Inside, we opted for UV LED printing technology on Creator Vol 135 g paper. This technology allows us an immediate drying, a saving in the consumption of ink and energy and a magnificent contrast of the blacks of the works of the artist in a paper with a certain porosity. The book it contains a large drop-down interior sewn between folds.

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