Fata Morgana Éditions

Le Citadin, Jacques Réda

Le Citadin is a small periodic bulletin, clandestine and originally handmade, which appeared in Paris between 1997 and 2010. In these fiction-infused publications with a subtle touch of humor, Jacques Réda collects testimonies of Parisian life and daily details.


The edition by Fata Morgana Éditions makes the unique, intimate, and meticulous exercise of the writer accessible to everyone: Poems, stories, articles, and local chronicles, among others, fill the pages of the book. And it’s with the collaboration of Agpograf and Nexe in the printing that the work takes on this vibrant and colorful form.


The book stands out visually thanks to an abundant and distinct use of color. The cover is printed with three Pantone inks and black ink; and the interior pages are printed on IQ Color paper in seven different colors. This resource is even more representative as it has been chosen to have an open stitching binding, revealing the edges decorated with the seven colors.



11 x 15 cm



Glued and mounted cover: Sirio Color 290 g (Fedrigoni Paper) + 80 g

Interior (588 pages): IQ Color 80 g in 7 different colors


Cover: 4+0 (3 Pantones + Black)

Interior: 520 pages at 1+1, 64 pages at 2+2, and 4-page insert at 4+4


Open stitching binding

Inserts, Open stitching binding, Tintes PANTONE