PGA Catalunya

Gift boxes

PGA Catalunya Golf and Wellness is one of the world’s leading luxury resorts that incorporate within its grounds: two championship golf courses, a 5-star hotel, a wellness centre and a wide variety of gastronomic options.


On this occasion, the resort located halfway between Girona, the beaches of the Costa Brava and Barcelona, entrusted us with the production of three different models of a new product, the gift boxes. A product designed to promote and sell their services: Spa-Wellness, Golf and Hotel.


The boxes have been produced from recycled cardboard with a compact base and a drawer and handle system. Each of the models has been hot foiled in gold on the top with a personalized pattern along with the corresponding corporate image. The inner lining has been printed in Pantone ink depending on each model and the nest has a die cut to place the different gifts and insert a small card. To open the nest, a satin ribbon has been inserted in the same color as the hot foil.


21,5 x 15,5 x 6,50 cm.


Outer and cover lining
Geltex Natural Blanco Nieve of 115 g. (Guarro Casas)


Inner and pool lining
Geltex Natural Blanco Nieve of 115 g. (Guarro Casas) printed with Pantone inks (Pantone 5565C, Pantone 2442C i Pantone 653C)


Card paper
Keaycolor Snow (Antalis)


Handle and inner strap
Gold satin ribbon


Gold hot foil on the outer lining of the boxes
Three different die cuts depending on the design with insertion of different elements

Die-cut, Encuny, Hot foil, PANTONE inks, Sleeve, Stamping, Tintes PANTONE