Maison Mīm

I came for cous cous #1

I Came For Couscous is the first edition of an independent magazine, published by Maison Mīm, that highlights and contrasts the words of the creative minds of the Arab world.


The publication explores the world through the creativity and freedom through the words of curious journalists, photographers, illustrators, poets and many others. It is a human adventure, a state of mind, a break with received ideas and certainties, a space of contrasts, beauty and imperfections.


The magazine is also involved in social and solidarity actions based on journalism, art and culture as tools for education, development and social integration.


For the printing, carried out with UV LED technology, were used Arena White Smooth, Symbol Tatami and Woodstock Grigio papers by Fedrigoni Papers, and was bound in paperback with uneven page inserts. The magazine also has an embossed UVI screen printing on the cover.


21 x 27,5 cm.


Arena White Smooth of 250 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed with UV LED tecnology in 4 + 4


Inner pages
Arena White Smooth of 120 g. (Fedrigoni Papers) printed in UV LED tecnology in 4 + 4
Symbol Tatami of 135 g. (Fedrigoni Papers)
Woodstock Grigio of 80 g. (Fedrigoni Papers)


Paperback sewn with insert of unequal pages


Embossed UVI screen printing on the cover

Paperback binding, UV 3D silk-screening